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Fasteners, standoffs, and the other bits that hold a frame together.

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Flight Controller Mounting Hardware

All the parts you need to mount your Naze32, CC3D, or other flight controller equipped with standard..


1" Aluminum Standoffs

1-inch aluminum standoffs for the rear cage on the PeasantCopter.Includes:4 x 1" 4-40 Aluminum Stand..


2" Aluminum Standoffs

2-inch standoffs for the front camera cage on the PeasantCopter.Includes:4 x 2" 4-40 Aluminum Stando..


3/8" Zinc Steel Standoff Screws

Screws for holding in the 1" and 2" aluminum standoffs on the PeasantCopter frame.Includes:20 x 3/8"..


Nylon Fasteners

A full set of the nylon bolts and nuts that hold the skid plate, arms, and main body plate together ..